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Welcome to Injury Lawyers San Francisco!

I’m Atty. Franklin Ferraro and I take service in San Francisco area specializing in Personal Injury Law.

Looking back as a child, I have always wanted to  help others and save lives of people. At first, I assumed I was becoming a doctor because of that advocacy. But my direction of profession completely changed  when I was 15. My father was hit by a fast-running car and the case was a hit-and-run. Gratefully, my father didn’t suffer much injuries and has recovered after a couple of months. But what kept on lingering inside my mind was the thought of not being given justice or any means of compensation even after my father’s full recovery. That made me think and so in college, I pushed through what I think I needed best to pursue to be of help to a lot of people.

 In choosing a personal injury lawyer, you need to be represented by someone who has adequate expertise and knowledge about the case you are involved in. Choose someone you can trust. Choose a lawyer who will treat your case as if it’s his. Go for a lawyer who has already experienced handling that type of case and try to weigh his proficiency, skills and abilities on that matter.

You may refer to this blog for any question or clarification of your personal injury situation. Feel free to leave us comments and we’ll be back at you.